100 sad 3D tištěných modelů SLA Prototype & Additive Manufacturing ve Washingtonu, USA

Project Time: 15th Jan, 2022

Project Location: Washington, USA

Product Used: Bosch electric tool, 3D scanning, Reverse engineering scan

Qty: 100 sets

Features: High strength resin, PA12 3D printing, rapid prototype, one stop manufacturing, high toughness, high temperature resistance Material, transparent, translucent, soft material .

100 sad 3D tištěných modelů SLA Prototype & Additive Manufacturing ve Washingtonu, USA

Darby is a professional designer from an electric tool company in USA. In order to go head of the competitors, he was looking for a 3D printed model prototyping service supplier to achieve his design quickly, so that he can test the market for new design products as soon as possible. We met in a fair on 15th January 2022, built the business conversation according to demands of new electric tool design.

2 days after the fair, we received CAD file from customer, and discus the final solution of SLA 3D printed model prototype with our engineers. Finally, we decided to make prototype by the processing of high toughness, high temperature resistance, transparent, translucent, soft material to made this 3D printed prototype, and the photosensitive resin, nylon and red wax is the final choice of us. And polishing, spray painting, batch production, short run production to post process the 3D printed prototype. Our customer agreed with our solution as well as the quotation, made payment for the 3D printing service.

Before processing, we sent the photosensitive resin, nylon, red wax and other sample material, material certification as well as the physical date sheet to our customers by air. After everything is settled, we arrange to process the prototyping service. Then sent it to our customer in USA by DHL.

Then our customer took these 100 sets 3D printed prototype to test the market trend, got head of his competitor quickly at a low cost. Due to this happy cooperation, we got several orders from our customer.

If you want to achieve your design at a short time, go head of your competitor to test the market feedback, choose a reliable 3D printing manufacturer to make rapid 3D printed prototyping is a good choice. If you have any demands, please don’t hesitate to contact us by [email protected], RMT is ready to serve you.