25 Sets ABS Rapid Prototyping, Low-volume Manufacturing Service For Headphone in Williamsville, NY, United States

Project Time: 28th March, 2018

Project Location: Williamsville, NY US 14221

Product Used: Head phone, headsets, conferencing, product design, product development, the exhibition show, physical display.

Qty: 25 sets

Features: Treat with different finishing, multi solutions with color/hardness, tight tolerance, cirtical dimension, rubber parts.

25 Sets ABS Rapid Prototyping, Low-volume Manufacturing Service For Headphone in Williamsville, NY, US

Charles is a famous product designer who wants a rapid prototyping service company for his design. On 28th, March 2018, he came to a fair to looking for a manufacturing company that provide rapid prototyping service and low volume manufacturing. Due to the perfectly in line with his requirements of rapid prototyping supplier, Charles came to our booth and discuss his ideas and demands with our sales team. After a long discussion, Charles showed great interests in our company due to our rich experience in rapid prototyping.

After fair, we received customer’s design file and down payment to be asked a rapid prototyping service. Therefore, we built a discussion between our rapid prototyping engineer team and customer, and curtained the final material to make rapid prototyping. Before processing, we sent the ABS sample material as well as material certificates and physical property data sheet to customer by air to USA as always.

Every is going well, we began to arrange rapid prototyping of head phone. According to the discussion with our customer and several changes of prototyping later, we made the final prototyping, the customer was satisfied with the final head phone prototyping, and made payment for 25 sets low volume manufacturing.

In this case, we took large stroke CNC machine to make the processing as below:

Rough machined the contour, precision machining the radius, drilling, chamfering, ensure planarity, perpendicularity, symmetry, local tolerance can be 0.01mm, perpendicularity and planarity can be controlled to 0.01mm. We treated them with different finishing, multi solutions with color and hardness, tight tolerance, critical dimension, rubber part. Finally, we applied the toning, painting, silk screen branding, laser coding on the head phone.

From rapid prototyping of head phone to low volume manufacturing, we only took 3 weeks, everything is going well. Our customer was satisfied with our final products, showed great interests in the later cooperation.

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