316L stainless steel CNC machining automation linear guide for automatic robot system in Anaheim, CA, USA

Project Time: 2019/6/12

Project Location: Anaheim, CA, USA

Product Used: Robot system automation, linear block and linear rail system, support the motion, machine tools, transporting systems, or measurement apparatuses

Qty: 100 sets

Features: Stainless steel, Little friction between block and rail with the ball bearings .

316L stainless steel CNC machining automation linear guide for automatic robot system in Anaheim, CA, USA

Johnson is a customer who comes from a fair in USA, he came to our booth directly, because he knew us on the web earlier than the fair, look forwarding to a business conversation face to face. When we were talking about his automatic robot system project, he told us their automatic robot system needs 100 sets automation linear guide to be added to the linear block and linear rail system.

According to our past experience, we suggested stainless steel material for the linear block and linear rail system.

We send the material sample to Johnson, and also sent material certificates and physical property data sheet to customers before processing. Things are going well, our material sample has been proved suitable for the automatic robot system.

After all things get ready and payment done, we arrange the processing for the automation linear guide, and adopt CNC precision machining for these linear parts to keep good surface finishing.

Rough machining contour, fine machining radius, drilling, chamfering, ensure planarity, perpendicularity, symmetry, local tolerance can be 0.01mm, symmetry and planarity can be controlled to 0.01mm.


The surface of the light knife processing is smooth, and the precision is guaranteed without grinding.

The whole process from order to shipping, which only took 20 days. And the customer was very satisfied with the quality and our service. Their automatic robot system project is going well.

Due to the efficient work and qualified products, Johnson became one of our long term customers, we have been cooperated for several projects since.

If you are looking for quality CNC machining parts for your robot system project, we are ready to help. What you need to do is show your design to us, we are responsible to achieve it. Contact [email protected], you will find you have came to the right place.