100 juegos de motor de la motocicleta personalizada carcasa CNC mecanizado de precisión en el Reino Unido

Project Time: 25th October, 2021

Project Location: England, UK

Product Used: Motorcycle engine case shell, car engine case.

Qty: 100 sets

Features: High strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance material, tight tolerance, critical dimension, low thermal expansion .

100 juegos de motor de la motocicleta personalizada carcasa CNC mecanizado de precisión en el Reino Unido

Benjamin is an engineer who comes from an auto parts company in UK. He was looking for a CNC precision machining service provider to make a customized car engine case according to his requirements on the web, therefore, he sent inquiry and CAD file to several CNC machining service providers in China. Due to the one stop service in both CNC machining & surface finish for CNC machined parts, RMT stand out of other CNC precision machining service providers. And we provide a good quotation and final solution in CNC precision machining & surface finish. In addition, RMT has rich experience in many customized CNC machined parts and always keep a quick delivery time to our customers. That’s why Benjamin choose RMT.

After ensuring the details of CAD file and the requirements of customers, we decided to choose aluminum 6061 as the based material to do customized machined parts for motorcycle engine case shell. Then after payment done, we sent the aluminum 6061 sample material, material certification and physical property data sheet to UK for testing. After everything was checked, we began to arrange bulk fabrication.

About the process, we took the following technology:

Rough machined the contour, precision machining the radius, drilling, chamfering, ensure planarity, perpendicularity, symmetry, local tolerance can be 0.01mm, perpendicularity and planarity can be controlled to 0.01mm.

About surface finish, we took sandblasting & oxidation for the aluminum parts.

We only took 2 weeks in the whole process from making order to shipping of the 100 sets customized motorcycle engine case shell CNC precision machined parts to UK by DHL. “This is a successful customized making for my design, these machined parts are exactly as I imagined.” Our customer gave us a good feedback and repeated orders in a short time for his new design.

RMT is located in China, not just a CNC workshop, we can also apply all types of surface treatments to CNC prototypes and production parts. If you need custom CNC parts with a high-quality appearance, please don’t hesitate to contact us by [email protected].