100 sets 304 roestvrij staal plaatwerk onderdelen voor multi-kantoor klinieken scannen Laser Device in USA

Project Time: 15th June, 2021

Project Location: Mountain View, CA 94043, USA

Product Used: Scanning Laser device,ophthalmic laser coagulation

Qty: 100 sets

Features: High strength corrosion resistance stainless steel 304, tight tolerance, critical dimension .

100 sets 304 roestvrij staal plaatwerk onderdelen voor multi-kantoor klinieken scannen Laser Device in USA

William is a famous medical device designer in USA, we meet him in EUROGUSS MEXICO fair hold in 2021, he showed great interests in our sheet metal service, low volume manufacturing and rich experience in medical device. William needed sheet metal parts for scanning laser device, which with same structure but needs qualify surface finishing. Because it is used for multi-office clinics, this sheet metal parts have strict requirement in material and surface treatment. At this point, William needs a sheet metal manufacturer who needs rich experience, mature technology, as well as the good reputation in the industry. That’s why William choose RMT.

After getting the CAD file and payment done, we decided to use the 304 stainless steel for this medical device part, use laser cutting on the sheet steel parts to enable a high degree of precision ( +/- 0.1 mm ).

Before bulk manufacturing, we send the 304 stainless steel material sample and material technical data sheets to customer by DHL .

After the sample material approved by customer, we began to arrange bulk volume manufacturing.

We roughly process the contour, precision machining the radius, drilling, chamfering, ensure planarity, perpendicularity, symmetry, local tolerance can be 0.01mm, perpendicularity and planarity can be controlled to 0.01mm. Finally, we took use of brushing, powder coating to handle the rough final product.

After 2 weeks, we arranged the shipment of the sheet metal parts to our customer by DHL. airway shipment, the customer was satisfied with our efficient and quality work, everything is going well. After this order, William gets a long term partner – RMT.

If you are looking for quality customized sheet metal service company with quick lead time, RMT is a good choice, we are always ready to serve you. Please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected] for more details.