100 sets CNC precision machining service for drone ABA video system in California, USA

Project Time: 2019/4/11

Project Location: CA , USA

Product Used: ABA video system, Frame sync, routers, cameras, monitor

Qty: 100 sets

Features: anti corodal aluminum 6082, critical tolerance, good surface finishing, competitive price.

100 sets CNC precision machining service for drone ABA video system in California, USA

Collins is one of our long term stable customers from US who is a famous drone dealer. We build the first business contact from an exhibition in 2019, he is looking for the CNC precision machining, sand blasting service to the 7075 aluminum part for ABA video system of drone. Through a series of conversation about demands and solutions on the exhibition, Collins showed a great interested in our CNC precision machining service, sand blasting service, we exchange the contact information each other, then we receive the detailed requirements about the aluminum part 10 days later .

According to the email of the detailed requirements, our sales ensure the final product application and process details to customer, and also build the conversation to our CNC machining expert together. Finally, we confirmed the final machining solution and all details about anticorodal aluminum 6082, critical tolerance and surface finishing. And our customer accepts the solution as well as the quote.

CNC machining parts for drone

Before bulk order processing, we sent aluminum material samples to our customer, and also sent material certificates and physical property data sheets to him. After check everything is no problem, we start to arrange the CNC precision machining project in our factory.


We took the below process for our customer:
Rough machining contour, precision machining radius, drilling, chamfering, ensure planarity, perpendicularity, symmetry, local tolerance can be 0.01mm, rectilinearity and planarity can be controlled to 0.01mm.

Spray the surface with 120 grit glass fiber reinforced plastic to make the surface smooth.

After received the processed aluminum part sample, our customer brings it to match their ABA video system for drone, and everything shows great. Collins is amazing to our work efficiency and also perfectly matched to the ABA video system, Frame sync, routers, cameras, monitor. “Your work is such efficiency, I think my project can be done early. A peace-of-mind and happy business.”

The sample was approved successfully, the customer placed an order immediately and let us arrange the production.

We shipped the 100 sets CNC aluminum parts to US by air. The whole process from receiving the order to shipping, it only took 2 weeks.

After receiving the goods, the customer tested it and was very satisfied with the appearance and dimension of the product. In the following, we build a long term business with our customer, he repeated the order for a long time.

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